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A life guide is similar in many ways to a “Life Coach” in that they partner with their “clients” as they work towards a more ideal version of their life. We, here at the Living Adventurers prefer to see our students as part of a team and for this reason prefer to call our selves guides. The Main difference in the Living Adventurers approach is that in seeing you as a part of our team, we become stronger together.

All our guides have either completed the HRT program or are on their way to completing it. Their experience and knowledge are backed by a carefully tiered support system, leading right up to some of the most qualified and experienced people you can find.

The HRT Program is structures to meet not only your personal needs, but your ability to afford mental health care. Our guides understand life’s challenges all too well and have applied their HRT skills and knowledge to their own lives. In doing so, they have experienced the direct and indirect outcomes of the tools and techniques they have developed. Most seeking guidance in life want assurances that the guide they choose has the knowledge and experience that will get them through what we call the jungle of life. If knowledge is the key, experience is the door. Wisdom is when we match the key to the door and can open our minds to new growth.

As guides, our main purpose is to understand you and where you want to go. More importantly, what is stopping you from getting there. Together, we plan a route that will lead you to accomplish the goals you want to achieve. More than that, along the way, we navigate the adversities we face, tearing them apart with sound tools and skills.

We don’t just apply the skills to situations. We teach you how to recognize these adversities well in advance. Building your self-confidence and courage along the way. It’s a step-by-step process, paced at your level of comfort, but also with our encouragement to keep going.

In the end, you will become stronger and more resilient, create and maintain healthier relationships, and set healthy boundaries without feeling guilty in doing so. You will improve your communication skills and be able to guide others in their communication with you. You will become more mentally aware and feel more relaxed, abandoning the anxiety and stress life tends to throw our way. You will learn the value of kindness, caring, compassion and empathy, for they are extremely rare gifts to process.

Guides can lead you to a better life, a happier life, and a life where challenges and adversities will be a walk in the park!

A life guide is similar in many ways to a therapist in that they can offer similar services, however the two professions are distinct in important ways.

A life guide is going to be forward thinking, working with you to move toward specific goals. Guides use focus on your thoughts and emotions in relationships to achieve your goals.

A therapist may help you look forward, though their focus is more digging into your past and assessing your experiences through a mental health lens. Therapists are licensed mental health professionals who are qualified to diagnose and treat mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety disorders.

Many believe they need therapy. Defined as a treatment to “relieve” or heal a disorder. A disorder is an illness that disrupts normal physical or mental function.

Confusion is the lack of understanding, or uncertainty. It is not a disorder. Many today are confused. Life is very complex and navigating through it can be extremely challenging, especially in today’s world.

Most Guide/Coaches will understand the difference between a mental health disorder and mental confusion. As such, they can, and will, recommend those that need therapy over guidance.

The bottom line is if you feel you are mentally ill, you need to see a therapist. If you feel you are mentally confused, you need a guide.

As guides, we want the best for you. Ultimately, your success is our success.

Some chose to start with a guide and together decide whether seeing a therapist is in your best interest.

Some go straight to therapy, and then to a guide. As mentioned, the therapist tends to focus on past traumas and mental health disorders. Once they are managed, then a guide can often take over and assist that individual in reaching their goals in the present and the future.

Both guides and therapist, who have your well being in mind, will be honest with you and tell you which path to take. Occasionally, it only takes a few discussions to make that assisted decision.

Life Guides

Randy Grasser

Route Finding

Many times, individuals embarking on life’s journey hold firm beliefs about their destination, while others remain uncertain. Life possesses its unique way of veering even the most resolute hearts off their chosen path, often leading them down an entirely different course.

Your journey, unquestionably, is unlike any other on this planet. This very distinctiveness is why seeking a guide can be an invaluable asset. It’s not an admission of losing your way, but rather an acknowledgment that the road you tread can be extraordinarily challenging. In such moments, a guiding presence can provide much-needed assistance, even if only temporarily.

This guide possesses an intimate understanding of valuable skills to assist you in navigating the path you are on, especially when faced with adversity. We extend to you the opportunity of a complimentary initial session – a pivotal moment for you to gauge the resonance between yourself and your potential guide. This session serves as a platform for your guide to comprehend your aspirations, and if you find yourself uncertain, they may offer insightful guidance during this time.

Our offer includes a free session that spans up to an hour. Following this, you can evaluate whether the guide’s experience and skills align with your needs. We are confident that, as you contemplate embarking on the High Responsive Training program, you will discover a profound resonance with our approach. To assist you in making this transformative journey with us, we present some of the areas we are excited to offer for your personal growth:

HSP Discovery

Being a High Sensing Person, or as many refer to is as Highly Sensitive Person has taken on an entirely different understanding over the last decade or more. It’s a gift! One to be proud! It just needs development and a purging of old beliefs. We discover if you hold the trait, which personality type you are, if you are a left brain or right brain thinker, or maybe a combination of both? Then we create goals and objectives that match your learning styles to achieve the life you want.

Emotional Responsiveness

Quiet often confused with High sensitivity, low emotional control can be debilitating. Holding back emotions consumes an incredible amount of energy, often overwhelming people and exhausting them. Emotional management is the key, learning how to manage emotional triggers and convert them into intuitive responses is just part of the journey we embark on...

Relationship Building

Being happy is the goal for just about everyone. One of the four pillars of happiness is relationships. Being loved and cared for is an essential part of happiness, but so to is loving and caring for others in a healthy way. We explore the different kinds of relationships and how each one is built. Then we look carefully at how to maintain these healthy relationships moving us closer to the goal of, being happy.

Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most misunderstood skills. Skill that is never taught in school or at home for that. We assume that if we can talk, we can communicate, however the number one reason for all relationship break downs is the lack of communication. We go through the 10 communication breakdowns never talked about, and then build solid communication skills for life. We dive deep into active listening and how to help others who you feel do not listen to you.

Start Your Journey! Book A FREE Discovery Session

Our Guiding is a rewarding and positive step into improving your outlook on life. As such, we do our very best in making our services affordable. In our guiding process, we only book a maximum of two clients per day. One in the morning, and the other in the afternoon.

Morning sessions start when you want up until noon, while afternoon sessions start between 1:00pm and 8:00pm PST. This way, we are not rushed or pushed to end a session if you, the client, are benefiting. Even with this, our rates are kept to the value of our service:

Randy Grasser

Meet Randy Grasser, a high sensing, high sensation seeking INFJ-T.

Randy first became a life guide / coach back in 1997 when he ran a wilderness correction program in Canada. Taking 10 youths between the ages of 13 and 18, both male and female on a 26-day behavioural modification program he designed.

Randy’s deep love for the outdoors as well with his deep compassion for helping people become their best paved the way for the program to help over 200 youths never reoffend.

Randy has traveled to over 50 different countries in the past 15 years on a quest to learn as much as he could about the behaviours of people, their beliefs and about himself as a Highly Sensitive, Adventure seeking man.

He is currently taking all his experiences and skills and combining them to build the High Responsive Training Program. A program designed to help people turn emotional challenges into rock solid responses.

Randy’s deep intuitive nature, empathy and compassion, along with his worldly view of life enables you to tap into an incredible number of resources from around this world.

Randy not only holds certifications in Life Coaching, but is a Professional Electrical Specialist, A Master Diver Trainer, A wilderness First Aid Instructor, A Project Manager, an avid adventure motorcyclist who has been to countries such as, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, Philippines, Maldives, Mozambique, South Africa and many more.

If you’re seeking a guide, who has been around the world and still holds true with his kind, caring nature, than set up a call with Randy and see if fits with you!