Of all the lessons I have learned, this one is probably my favorite. There is a very common rule of thumb known as the 80/20 rule. That rule can be applied to just about anything. It was the 80/20 rule that I used to come up with my version the 5 – 10 – 70 – 10 – 5 rule!

               This is how it works. Starting from left to right, the first 5 is the percent of really nasty people out there! The people that want to harm others both physically and mentally. They do so without any remorse or feeling. Often called Psychopaths or deranged. Then we have the 10, these are the percentage of people who are not very nice, but they tend not to deliberately harm others physically, although they do harm others mentally and emotionally. Still, physical harm is usually not malice in nature with this kind. Often known as Narcissists. The sad part of this 10 percent is they feed the first 5 percent.

               Then we move to the 70, these are what I call the “Normy’s.” Good people that just want to live their lives. They are not out to deliberately hurt anyone, but have an average level of sensitivity. They care about some things and can be kind, but they can turn it off when they need to. These are the people many HSPs try to be like, not because they are living better lives, more because they are the vast majority!

               Then we have the last 10 percent, this is most of us HSPs, more sensitive than the “Normy’s,” with a deeper sense of kindness, empathy, compassion, generosity, and of course a greater sense of Intuition. We are also very aware of our surroundings and have a far greater attention to detail. Many in this category can not turn it off, nor can they “grow thicker skin,” or “just get over it,” although they sometimes do wish they could. My views on it are these; learn to manage it, never wish to turn it off, for it is truly a gift.

               Then we reach the last 5 percent of the population. These are those that have the HSP trait, but may also have another psychological disorder such as ADHD, ADD, Asperger’s syndrome, anxiety disorder, or any of the number of medical disorders in the world today. These people generally do not hurt others, and should not be mistaken for the first 5 or 10 percent, as they too can host those behavioral disorders. It would be wise for these people to seek medical attention and therapy.

               I must point out, this is my own rule shared with you, with no scientific or psychological backing, it is based on me just experiencing life through my many travels. My point is, we tend to focus on the first 15 percent, the nasty people of this world. Why do I say that? Just look around you, every law, every police officer, all the military is to protect the rest of us from this 15 percent. Fact is, we spend more money guarding us from the nasty 15 percent than we do on the good people or the medically ill people.

               If suddenly tomorrow, that 15 percent disappeared, just think what this world would be like!

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