I often wonder when I hear the term evolve? What does it truly mean in the minds of most people. By definition it means to develop gradually from a simple to a more complex form. It says nothing about education or wisdom, simply develop. Like the world repeatedly spinning around the sun, I can’t help but think that that’s what most people do, repetitive cycles of routine, while growing older, they never actually gain in education or wisdom, just evolve.

               With all the resources we have on this planet, we are still have this primal need to rattle swords at one another in one form or another. Instead of coming together and building better lives for all. I know, that’s a ridiculous dream I hold, but still a dream I can not help but have. I know many HSP’s who do see this as a serious misalignment with the morals and ethics of society’s expectations. For example, parents tell their children to “clean up your plate, don’t you know there are starving children in the world”. Just once I would like to hear a child say back; “and what are you doing to solve that problem, making me fat?”

               This brings me to what is society really about? Is it education or is it more about conformity? We as a society have created so many rules and regulations that are intended to keep us all in line, under the guise of protecting one from another. They are needed because we truly live in an oxymoronic world. For example, we condone children fighting in the school yard and yet pay big money to hockey payers called enforcer’s, boxers and wrestlers are all star attractions for the weak minded who love to see harm being caused to another for sport. As HSP’s we tend to not find these events amusing or even see a point in it, other than primal entertainment. My ex-wife used to sit in front of her TV screaming at the players to punch each other and yet wouldn’t allow my kids to watch any show she felt was violent, like the movie Men in black with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

               Sure, there are movies which depict unnecessary violence or worse. And yes, there should be limits as to what children should be exposed to, in my opinion. But children are smarter than many of us give them credit for. They are sponges for education, in any form. Our adult ways are by far their biggest resource. It’s a constant feeding to a problem of social misalignment that keeps us from truly broadening our education and wisdom while allowing those who prefer to just evolve. It has been well documented that its this brutal mentality we HSP’s tend to hide from, for it is not our way.

               But we face another deeper challenge, our own education in regards to our trait. Many have been made to feel shattered by the aggression of main stream society due to our heightened sensitive nervous system. As such, they hide within the confines of their comfort zones. Instead of using the gift given to them and living amazing lives, they sit in front of TV’s  or computers, in hopes a magic pill will be invented and we will be cured.

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